I found this on one of the scanner forums.

Starting with Windows 8 Microsoft decided to enforce the disabling of Unsigned drivers.
Meaning that any driver that has not been submitted and approved by Microsoft will
not be allowed to work for Windows 8 and beyond (which includes Win 10).

But Microsoft does allow a work around.


So if you have a BCD-325P2/996P2 and Windows 10 .....

This was originally posted to help a PSR800 user, but, it is supposed to work for any scanner (driver).
Just sub your driver for the scanner in use.

Until there is a better way, without the workaround, here are instructions
on how to make things work for your Scanner.

1. Go to Start Menu
2. Hold down Shift key and press Restart under Power menu item.
3. Under Choose an Option .. select 'Troubleshoot'
4. Select 'Advanced Options'
5. Select 'Startup Settings'
Press Restart
Press 7 for Unsigned Drivers.

Once restarted .. login as normal.

6. Go To Device Manager in Control Panel
7. Select Ports (Com + LPT)
8. You should see .. USB Serial Device (ComX) when your "SCANNER" is connected.

You can now install the driver.

9. Right click on 'Update Driver Software' under that Com Port above.
10. Select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software"

At the bottom, select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

11. Highlight "Uniden XXXX Model" Serial Device"
12. Click Next
13. You will see "Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software"
14. Select "Install this driver software anyway"
15. Click Close

The driver will now be installed as "Uniden XXXX Model" Serial Device"

You can now use your scanner.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

Jim Springer   <()>