The BC245 was the first handheld trunking radio from Uniden. It had one very bothersome "flaw". It would not accept programming for the IDs "unless", it was monitoring the system "on air".  Meaning unless the radio is actually trunking/tracking the system, it simply will not accept Programming of TGIDs, even doing it "by hand".

Realizing you will have to be receiving a trunking system in order to put in TGIDS, connect an antenna so that you can receive it. Then once you see the "dashes" ( ----- ) on the display you can program them to the radio.

IF you are not in range of the system, then you will have to program frequencies for an "in range" system, get it to track it, program the TGIDs, and then (maybe) reprogram the correct frequencies for the system you want to hear.

Uniden fixed this major flaw on Later models such as the BC250 etc.

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I finally got unit to work on other computer--I can load regular freq's--but can't seem to figure out how to do the fleets--I have pasted them in lower data base--but cant seem to get scanner to lock in for trunking so I can download them--what am I missing or not doing --any suggestions.. Thanks Charles Fisher

Jim Springer <> wrote:
I looked at that and wondered if it was a mispell.
I think your best option would be to go to someplace like WalMart or
Circuit City, Best Buy etc and purchase a "USB to Serial adaptor".
They are about $20.00. This would set up as a new "comm port" and
that will usually solve the problems.
I buy from NewEgg all the time, Good outfit.
Try this search link. There are a bunch from $8.99 to $12.99 + Shipping
Just make sure the Adaptor you purchase has a DRIVER DISK included.
(usually a CD). If it doesn't then you may end up with more "problems"
>Jim I finally figured out that I didnt have a virus after re-reading
>what was opening up--I should have told you it said svchost.exe ----
>I found from Norton's that I have to have those as they are part of
>mirco-soft program--I still could not get it work after several more
>attempts to figure out how to turn on serial port or add com
>ports--I tried a different computer--and your program found the
>scanner and will read whats in my scanner--I just have'nt figure out
>how to do the fleets yet--but i guess i have to wait until it locks
>on bank and find trunk broadcast--
>Any more ideas how to get my serial port to turn on as I think this
>is the trouble with my laptop.--I have windows XP Professional on
>the computer that will not locate scanner--the one that will is just XP.
>Thanks Charles Fisher
>Jim Springer wrote:
>I did a "Google" for "sychost.exe"
>Lots of stuff pointing to a virus. I don't know if this is the cause
>of "your problem", but I'd sure look into what the "sychost.exe" is.
>Adding itself again and again is indicative of a worm type virus.
>You must push in the "REMOTE" until a small "key icon" flashes. Or
>else, it will never talk to the PC.
>Also - I'd try using a different computer, even a friends. And if it
>works that would eliminate the cable being defective. FYI -I had a
>BC245 that I pushed the connector in wrong/too hard and broke the
>connector on the radio off of the PC board. Took a long while to
>figure that one out.
> >Thanks for your help--after I kept rereading your first message I
> >discovered auto-connect does not find the radio---so I think its a
> >cable problem or com-port issue--I will keep trying--I have XP
> >professional and i dont see the PDA or Camera sync programs you are
> >talking about--I do see some sychost.exe--there are several of
> >them--are they the same thing you were talking about tying up
> >ports--and if i end them will it affect anything--I think if I end
> >the process the next time I turn on computer they will be added
> >again--is that right--Thanks Charles Fisher
> >
> >Jim Springer wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >See comments at the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>'s
> >
> > >Jim-- Thanks for you quick reply---The scanner I think is in the
> > >remote mode as none of the keys work--it is scanning and there is a
> > >key flashing--also I dont understand the part about the:
> > >to read radio you press the top of the three buttons above where the
> > >system names are displayed ( long verticle white list box)--is that
> > >on my scanner or in the pc program--all I see are shaded areas and
> > >the different banks listed--i dont see a long verticle white box
> > >unless I am not in the right screen.
> >
> > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> >My Mistake, I had (in error) thought you had the BC24_6_ - not the
> >BC245. The BC245 is an old old radio. :(
> >
> >I talk to a lot of people. If you had the BC246 this is the screen I
> >was discussing
> >
> >
> >
> > >The auto detect works and tells me what ports are available and I
> > >had tried most of them--but dont see how to press the 3 buttons you
> > >mentioned--I assume it is on the screen with all the banks
> > >listed--Please advise--Thanks Charles Fisher
> >
> > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> >We still have a BC245, took me a long while to find the cable.
> >
> >I connected and used "auto-configure" and it found the radio.
> >
> >I then went to :PRogram Radio: and selected to read the first bank.
> >
> >It read it - was pretty slow - but it read it.
> >
> >I went back to "Select Radio", and clicked on the bottom check box
> >"Increase Read/load speed", and then it read the bank in about
> 30-45 seconds.
> >
> >I didn't see any Talk Groups ID (TGID's), but I haven't had this
> >radio "on" in a couple of years, so no idea if it has any or not.
> >BUT, the frequencies "do" download to the PC, so must be something on
> >your end that is "not right".
> >
> >- F Y I -
> >This was the very first Handheld radio "trunking" from Uniden.
> >Because it was their "first"...It had some "quirks". But mostly it
> >was involved with TGID programming. The Only way this radio would
> >accept programming of TGIDs was to first program the system
> >frequencies and then you had to be "in range" so that the radio
> >started "trunking". Then if it found the system it would accept ID's
> >- not until. I'm not sure this is the case for "reading" but I know
> >it definitely is a flaw in their firmware when trying to program
> >TGID's and you can't monitor the system. It didn't get fixed until
> >the BC250 came out.
> >
> >Jim
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >Jim Springer wrote:
> > >If autodetect isn't finding your radio, I imagine you have a comm
> > port issue.
> > >Usually it's a PDA or CAmera "sync" program on the same port, and the
> > >one that starts up first will then block that port's usage for
> > >anything else. You can disable most of these "sync" drivers by using
> > >CTRL+ALT+DEL, and then ending the task.
> > >YOu say "remote" is flashing on scanner. Make sure you are not in
> > >MENU or "CLONE" mode. The radio should be "scanning" unless you are
> > >reading it or programming it. To READ the radio you press the top of
> > >the three buttons above where the system names are displayed (long
> > >vertical white list box).
> > >Let me know if this solves your problem.
> > >Jim
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> > > >Customer Name: Charles Fisher
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> > > >State: Ks
> > > >Zip Code: 66217
> > > >Country: uSA
> > > >Phone1: 816-519-2231
> > > >Product In Use: Scancat-Lite Plus
> > > >Radio In Use: BC-245XLT
> > > >Cable In Use: DB-9 Remote interface Cable
> > > >Dealer: Gagets & Gizmos
> > > >Invoice No. & Date: 120092705188 3-1-07
> > > >Comments: I cant get PC to read from Radio.I am using auto detect
> > > >for com port-and have tried 3 different ones-a BPS rate 9600 &
> > > >19200.I am in remote since key is flashing on scanner--but when I
> > > >ask it read--it will not post to data base--is there something else
> > > >I have to do with data base? Do I have to uncheck something or clear
> > > >something in PC program--Thanks Charles Fisher
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