I "think" this radio has to be placed into "REMOTE" mode. If it is in REMOTE, there will be a three letter "SFT" (or) "RMT" sign showing to the right of the frequency.  You hold down the key that has "remote" labeled on the top of the button until the "rmt sign" appears. Then once programmed you have to hold that key again until the letters disappear.


I have a new copy of Scan Cat Lite Plus to use with my PRO 96 and BC 898T.
It works well with the PRO 96 but I can't connect to the BC 898T via auto config and have not been able to find any combination of RS 232 settings to do it yet. Any ideas ?
My manual is useless on the remote jack for the 898T.
I'm running Win XP Pro Ver 2 on my PC and am connecting with a USB to serial port converter cable . Your software says that port 3 and 6 are available with my pc setup.
Would Scancat Gold work wiith these two radios also?

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