Have you read the "addendum" for the BC246? If not, take a look at these links first, and then if you don't get the grasp of it, give me some specific questions.



The BC264 and subsequent issues of that type of radio (BC396/996) are not the normal scanner architecture... so if you are used to the "normal" scanners that use 10 banks, they are rather daunting to learn with or without software.

First - choose the correct radio at the "Select Radio" window. THIS is important, as every radio has slightly different "menu displays" and in particular the Uniden 246/396/996 are radically different.

To create a new system, use the "Create New system" button on the left side of the screen above the 'list' of all the systems
To EDIT what is already in the radio for changes etc use the "load/read radio" options. The ONLY way to add a system is with the "Create new System" button... so once you get that "understood", it's rather easy to deal with.


I purchased a new bc246T and also the scancat lite software. I have been trying to use the software but I can not get a "load to radio" window. 
Please help!!!!!!!
Thank you

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