By "locked on" we mean you have to be receiving the data channel on the radio. You have to have an antenna - and be within receiving range.

This is a "firmware flaw". There is no "fix"... and Uniden didn't correct this until a couple of models later (BC780/785 etc)

WHEN the radio is locked on, instead of the "scanning  scanning? message, you'll see the "------" and then an ID will show up as the radio receives it.  You CANNOT program ID's any other way. If you are not in range of the system, the only suggestion is to program frequencies FOR a local system, program the ID's, and then go back and change the frequencies to the "non-local" system. and then update those in the radio.

When I am ready to load the Fleet ID,s to the radio, I get this message on the screen.
2052 Scanners must be locked onto the control channel before the ID,s can be loaded.
(".....") on radio
How do I lock onto the control channel?
Thanks, Sammy Morris

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