The problem was as simple as not setting the type of trunking system being used. Evidently the first 4 programs from nat-com's freq. list had that info already listed but the later lists downloaded did not. Thank's for responding so quickly.


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Reading from the radio DOES produce a =GRP= and "main" as the first "channel" in a system displayed in our "grid". This is usually "transparent" when viewed from the "radio's LCD", But the radio see's everything as groups, even when there is only one "main group".... but it will not make any difference when re-programming TO the radio.

You have to get used to the fact that these radios do not have "real banks or channels" like "older/conventional" 500/1000 channel scanners.... so once you realize this, it won't matter.

As to why you cannot program any "more" systems., It might be something I have to look at - It could be as simple as not setting the correct Trunking type. Programming frequencies that are not in the radio's built in "lookup table" for a particular trunking system type will usually produce and error, and the frequency will not "take". Other than that, I don't know. But - If you can send me an RSD file with a few systems in it that are giving you problems, I'll try to load them into OUR BC396 and then see what happens. (hint) Try to put the systems/frequencies into the FIRST 10 grids and then save it.... that way you only need to send me the file that has an ".RSD" extension.... not .RSD2  .RSD3  .RSD4  etc. which are used to store systems/banks higher than 10.

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After Programming 4 new systems into the scanner I cannot load any more systems correctly.  The txt files will write all the freq. and trunking info to the lower database, but when I try to create a new system it will not store the frequencies. It stores the trunking info but when I read the system the first channel freq. is there but all the other channel freq. are all zeros. I've disabled all programs running in the background on the computer. I've tried changing the baud rate and the timming delay to know avail.When reading the new system installed, the 1st column reads =GRP=1 instead of the channe # and in the description column in reads MAIN. This is what shows up on all the other systems I try to create. STUMPED!!! Any help would be appreciated.