The BC245 is a bit "quirky" getting it into computer "control".

Try doing this first, and then if you still have problems, tell me what you've tried and what is still not working.

It seems from what you describe you are putting the radio into "CLONE" mode. Instead you need to place the radio into "REMOTE". So.... Turn the  radio OFF and then ON. Then press the "E" key on the bottom right of the numeric pad until the LCD shows a small "key icon".  That means the radio is now in "remote" (also printed above the "E" key), and will listen to the PC. WHEN in this remote mode, almost none of the keypad buttons work, vol and squelch are basically all you can use.

The "other" quirk is.... the radio will not accept Talk Group Programming UNLESS the radio is actually receiving the trunking system and In trunking (logged on) mode. So if you can't get it to take the TGID's, then wait until the radio shows "------" when it is scanning, and that way you know it is logged onto and receiving the trunking system.

I think once you get past these two 'hurdles', things will go a lot better.



I need some guidance. I finally have everything load in my grids and ready to transfer to scanner. I cannot get my scanner to cooperate-BC245XLT. I've looked on the web site trying to find a solution couldn't find one or looking in the wrong place. I think I've done it right...turn scanner off...hold..brings screen up that says...scan or pc-com..I select the pc-com...anyway I can't go anywhere.  Maybe I'm not even to mess with the scanner at all...I don't know....but I've gotten this far into loading the frequencies but can't go any further. Can the BC245XLT be set up to receive weather alerts?  But I do love the program and will like it better once I get it figured out. I've been working on this since Monday (when I received the program)...thought it was time to get some experience help...
Have a Wonderful Day!