To my knowledge the software commands did not change in the newer models. We have both an AR8200 (older model) and a AR8600. Both work alike. Same goes for the Tentec 320. I don't think they make any control / command changes between models A_B_D.

Running the demo is the only way to know for sure, so might consider downloading IT first.   www.scancat.com/demos

PRO-96 and similar RadioShack models are "cloners" - meaning they can only be programmed using their cloning method and have no control abilities at all. SO we only support them in our LITE version.


            I have Scancat Lite and am thinking about upgrading to Scancat Gold.  But before I order the upgrade I want to double check the radio list.  AOR AR-8200 is on the list but I want to make sure the program will cover the current model AR-8200MIII version.  Likewise for the Ten Tec RX-320D & Jupiter. 
I also need to know if I will be able to keep my Scancat Lite program installed for the Uniden Bearcat BC-898T and the Radio Shack PRO-96 as I donít think they work with Scancat Gold. 
Thanks for the info,
Bob, k9foh

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