If you have a Radio Shack Scanner, and if Radio Shack programmed it for you in their store. Sometimes the radio will say "All Channels Lock Out" when you press the "SCAN" button.

What is happening is - There are no frequencies in the memory channels of the radio. ANY channel that does not contain a frequency is automatically locked out by the radio's firmware. SO - Most likely RS watched the screen on their computer, and either didn't load a database before programming the radio, or for some reason NONE of the programming they did "took". And, (of course) they didn't check the radio to see if anything "took", so you took it home and found out it isn't programmed.

If you manually program even ONE frequency in the radio, then "All Channels Lock Out" will not appear anymore.

If you don't have our software (Scancat-Lite-Plus), then take it back to Radio Shack and this time make sure before you leave the store it is indeed programmed.

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