All Channels locked out means there are no frequencies in any of the channels in the radio. This can happen several ways,

No frequencies in the grid and you sent an empty database to radio

The data stream has some corrupt part in it, and the radio will reject that part - initialize the radio (meaning it boots up blank)

For some reason the clone was not complete, and when the software finishes and sends the "end transmission" message to the radio - the radio will initialize the radio (meaning it boots up blank)

You may want to try one of the sample RSD list such as NationalList.RSD, and it "it" takes but your's does not, then most likely you have typed in a frequency wrong... such as left out a decimal (8652125 instead of 865.2125 )

Best regards

I have a radio shack pro97, after i programed it with scancat-lite-plus
it says all channels locked out.
can't get it unlocked

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