Mr Scanner Public Safety -- Radio Service Codes

 There are no Trunking systems designators On this CD
 "PP" and "PS" are most likely to be trunking if 800 MHZ

AF  Aircraft -- Including Airports              
AM  Amateur Radio Repeaters                     
US  Federal Government (Not in all states yet)  
PF  Fire Departments                            
PO  Forestry Conservation Radio Service         
PL  Local Government Agencies                   
MC  Marine Radio Service                        
CD  Mobile Telephones (Non-Cellular)            
NM  News Media (TV, Radio & Newspapers)         
PP  Police Departments                          
PS  Public Safety Services                      
LR  Railroads                                   
LX  Taxi Cab Companies                          
UT  Utility Companies                             


Mr. Scanners CD -- Radio Service Codes

 Trunking systems all start with a "Y"

AC  Civil Air Patrol
AD  Aviation Development
AF  Aeronautical And Fixed Group
AG  Aircraft Group
AR  Aircraft
AX  Areonautical Mobile Satellite
BA  Broadcast Auxiliary Systems
BF  FM Broadcast
BT  Television Stations
CA  Individual Mobile Radio
CC  International Fixed Public Control
CD  Mobile Telephones
CE  Digital Electronic Message Service
CF  Point To Point Microwave
CG  Domestic Public Air-Ground
CI  International Fixed Public
CL  Cellular Telephones
CM  Multi Point Distribution
CO  Offshore Radiotelephone (ORTS)
CP  International Fixed Public Press
CR  Rural Radio
CS  International Fixed Satellite
CT  Local Television Transmission
CX  Domestic Fixed Satellite
EX  Experimental Export
GB  Other Business Repeaters
GC  Motor Carrier Group
GO  Other Services Group
GP  Conventional Public Safety & Emergency
GS  900 Megahertz Paging
GX  Mixed Services Group
IB  Business Radio Service
IF  Forest Products Service
IM  Motion Picture Radio Service
IP  Industrial Petroleum Radio Service
IS  Special Industrial Radio Service
IT  Telephone Maintenance Radio Service
IW  Industrial Power Radio Service
IX  Industrial Manufactures Radio Service
IY  Newspapers
LA  Tow Trucks
LI  Buses
LJ  Trucking Companies
LR  Railroads
LU  Urban Passenger
LV  Tow Truck Companies
LX  Taxicab Companies
MA  Marine Auxiliary Group
MC  Marine Radio Service
MK  Alaska Group
MR  Marine
MS  Ship Group
MX  Maritime Mobile Satellite
PF  Fire Departments
PH  Highway Maintenance Radio Services
PL  Local Government
PO  Forestry Radio Service
PP  Police Departments
PS  Public Safety Services
RA  Radio Astronomy
RS  Radiolocation
SM  Industrial Scientific And Medical
TR  Cable Television Relay
XC  Experimental Developmental Contract
XD  Experimental Stations
XR  Experimental Research
YB  Business Group
YO  Other Services Group
YP  Trunked Public Safety & Emergency
YX  Trunked SMR
ZA  General Mobile
ZC  Radio Control
IV  File And Video Production
PM  Emergency Medical
GF  Conv Pub Saf & Spec Emer - National Plan
YF  Trnk Pub Saf & Spec Emer - National Plan
GA  Conventional Pub Saf & Spec Emergency
GR  Conventional SMR
YA  Truncked Pub Saf & Spec Emergency
YS  Trunked SMR
GI  Conventional Other Indust & land Transport
GU  Conventional Business
YI  Trunked Other Industrial & Land Transport
YU  Trunked Business
NL  Nationwide Non-Commercial 10 Channel
NS  Nationwide Non-Commercial 5 Channel
NC  Nationwide Commercial 5 Channel
QT  Non Nationwide 5 channel Trunked
QD  Non Nationwide Data
QM  Non Nationwide Public Safety/Mutual Aid
QO  Non Nation Wide Other
RP  Remote Pickup
ZV  Interactive Video & Data
YB  Business Radio (Trunked Systems)