I Just noticed you said the cable worked and talked to the radio when set for the PRO-164. Look and see what Serial Port you were on for the PRO164, and make sure the same port is picked when using the MFJ Setting

This is the most common "problem". 

If this doesn't help, then your cable is not working. It's most likely the driver for the cable not interfacing with the computer.

Our Scancat software is not at fault. It can only use a comm port, and since it's not setting up a port for the cable. So no matter WHAT software you use, it will not be able to program the radio.... until you resolve the issues with the cable.

The driver for the 20-546 is the best one, as it has a  built in installation for the driver (20-047 driver does not). But apparently you still have difficulties.

        Video's at this link  www.scancat.com/youtube

Our Video tutorials cover this in detail. Video 1 & 2 show how this is done, and there is also a trouble shooting video (Video #6) on just this problem.  Once you get the driver working, the radio will go OUT of clone mode automatically and start "receiving". The MFJ is almost identical to the Radio Shack and GRE models, so it "is" supported.

I'd ALSO suggest you try a different computer, as the one you're using seems to be stubborn about accepting the driver installation.

I just purchased Scan Cat Lite and have an MFJ 8322 that I can't get programmed. I purchased  an RS 20-546 cable locally ( claimed functionally equiv to the 20-047). Driver is installed and runs on Port 8. The 20-047 box is checked.

I'm running a stable XP system.

Radio select is: MFJ 8322. Port 8, baud =19.200 ( I tried others ), 20-047 mode was tried both ways.

I had a sample data base setup to load and get familiar with the process. The 8322 showed Clone Mode, but never changed to any other message and the data base was never accepted.

I connected a scope to the output jack to see if data was being sent. It wasn't.

I set the radio to the RS Pro 164 ( seemingly the same as the 8322 ). Then, when connected to the prog cable the radio did react with the message, "It is the wrong radio." But this time the scope did showed a data output stream. Switch back to the 8322 and again no data.

I poked around MFJ's web site and didn't find anything helpful

Thanks for any guidance.