Getting connected through the cable is our most common "problem", I'd say 60% of our calls are not because there are issues with Scancat. Instead they are due to the cable not "working".

Most times the solutions are very easy.


Please understand, we do not sell this cable. We really try our best to guide you on how to get the cable installed and working. (But) while getting the cable to work is an integral part of the "programming the radio process", the ultimate responsibility (for getting the cable to work) resides with Radio Shack.

Can't "do anything", (or) in your case "the computer crashes", usually indicates the connection between the Computer and the radio is not correct, or the USB driver is installed improperly.

Since you are using a Radio Shack 20-047 cable (Most popular cable), take a look at the links below for solutions first. This FAQ has several solutions, many involving using the 20-047 cable - and they will guide you to getting "Connected". Once you get to that stage, you have probably solved 90% of your issues.

This is the main FAQ link:

THIS is  link to the PDF Instructions that comes on the RS DRIVER CD. (in case you cannot  find it). In particular read how to UNINSTALL the driver, as if it isn't installed properly all kind of different problems can occur including Computer crashes.

These apply to getting started (USB related):

These are more generic FAQs for getting started once you solve the "connection" issues.

LAST DITCH SUGGESTIONS..... Install the entire thing on a different computer. chances are it will work ok, and that will give you breathing room to find the real solution on the computer that isn't working with Scancat-Lite-Plus.

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