The older link we had on this disappeared, but I may have found another one - or at least something that will work.


In the above link they reference this file

If this doesn't work let me know, as I have no practical way of testing it unless I had the same "problem".

Previously I Googled it, and come up with several links regarding running 16 bit programs on WIN XP 64. From what I have found so far, there is no "real" solution.  Microsoft has quit supporting 16 bit applications in their 64  bit version "period". Somewhat of a "poor" decision, but typical of Microsoft's policies the last few years/versions.

There "may be" a way of designating the SHORTCUT icon's properties to emulate WIN XP 32 bit, but I don't know as we don't have a 64 bit version here.

If the above fix does not work, we may not have a solution. If you have a NON 64 bit computer, so I'm afraid that may be the only real solution.

Oddly enough We have very few problems with "Vista" which is Also a 64 bit OS.


I would suggest Googling (above link) "16 bit won't run on WIn XP 64 Bit", and perhaps someone has come up with a work around.

Best regards


Best regards

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