The only software we have that supports the AR5000 is the Scancat-GOLD

Our Scancat-LITE supports the AR8600 and AR8000. It is PROGRAM ONLY software, hence does not have any "virtual control". To my knowledge the AR5000 will not program with the "same code" - but - you could "try it" if you also have Scancat-Lite-Plus, but no guarantees.

With the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft no long supported "16 bit" based software. Windows 10 is now even more difficult to deal with if you have older software.

I'm not sure about Windows 10,
  but as relates to "Work around's" for WIN 7
     Here are is an FAQ on the subject,

And if you go to this link - you will find several more on "16-bit"

but in the long run it would be a wise decision to just buy some small/low priced Computer that has XP on it. There are tons of "legacy" ham and scanner related software that will only run on XP, and that could solve many another incompatibility issue.

Good Morning,
Iím looking for control software for my AOR AR5000 receiver. I used Scancat gold many years ago. Iím running Win 10. If Scncat Lite doesnít support my scanner do you have an alternative or could you point me in right direction.
Many thanks

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Jim Springer   <(©Ņ©)>