Hi Jim.
I still having trouble with the  Scancat-Lite program. Ok I need some real great help hear. I do have the Mr. Scanner Public Safety progeam with my scancat-lite program.
How do I Program The 2 scanners I have? Could you just start from the beginning of it and tell me How to do this with out all the tech stuff I donít understand .
Please. Just go through it and make it as easy as you can please. My E-mail address is
 Thanks for all your help you've given                                                                                                               Thanks
                                                                                                             Tim B


Almost all of this is on our website in the FAQ section.

Since we answer many of the same questions over an over, this is our way of trying to help (and), not have to repeatedly write what we've already answered. 

Take a look at this first it's a basic "how to" on getting started.

I think this link is in also in the above Reference, but just in case, this is a 5 part tutorial on how to use the Mr. Scanner CD's, Find your local frequencies, get them into Scancat, and then eventually program them to your radio. You have to do this in steps, or the whole process "does" get a bit complicated.... until you finally understand how it is all supposed to fit together.

I realize you may be overwhelmed with learning several products at once.
        IE: the Actual Scanner
            Scancat-Lite-Plus Software
            The freqeuncy Database (Mr.Scanner)
So first familiarize yourself with the radio
        then learn the software
        Then the basic how to on Mr. Scanner

below are some "links" that will take you to our FAQ website.

We have on the main FAQ site copies of almost every question/answer that has come in on email in the past year or so, while it's a bit time consuming to go through them ALL, the ones I've listed below will get you to the heart of your questions quicker. Some may "talk about" a specific radio (Like PRO94), but almost all the RadioShack's are so similar that these hints and tips apply to all of them.


If you still have questions after reading all the below,

        Email us - mailto:support@scancat.com
        Call our tech support @ 318-687-2555
            (9am to 2pm M-F Central)

This is the main FAQ link:

These apply to getting started:




Take a look at this link on how to use the
  frequency databases on your COMBO CD.         http://scancat.com/OnLineHelp/MrScanner_HTML_Tutorials/

There are about 5-6 parts, that take you from beginning to end of programming your radio when using either of the MR Scanner CD's.