Professional DSP Data Analyzer and Decoder

CODE30, replaced by the multitasking version CODE30-A, is the latest in a line of developments from HOKA in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to hit the HF decoding scene. It is the world's first and only Software Data Analyser, Demodulator and Decoder with matched filters for IBM PC Compatibles.

CODE30-A doesn't use expensive hardware boards with sophisticated and dedicated microprocessor technology, but the unique combination of a simple Analog to Digital (A-D) conversion with special optimized DSP software.

You might be thinking that if all those big companies are investing so much time and money into DSP hardware units, how can our method be any better than theirs?

Simple - it is very easy to design a DSP decoder in hardware, but it is so inflexible. Hardware implemented decoders are so difficult to program with continuously variable parameters that most DSP hardware manufacturers do not do this. They simply provide a set of fixed shifts and baud speeds.

Look at the long run of previous hardware-only solutions to decoding HF signals over the last few years - not exactly very easy or cheap to modify for any new keying systems that come along are they?

Hardware-only DSP decoders are going the same way again! Even now competitive products are still only offering the most common decoding systems! Code30-A offers more analysis tools and decoding modules than any other commercially available system.

History of CODE30 and CODE3

Systems and details of CODE30-A

Reference to 'JANE,s'

Why choose DSP ?

Comparison with other types of demodulators


Data Analyzer

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