(Letter To Orville Redenbacher / c/o www.ConAgraFoods.com )

I used to buy your popcorn.

It is the best tasting, highest pop per kernel of anything I've ever used
Frankly it's GREAT!

I used to buy your popcorn.

UNTIL I discovered your product is produced by ConAgra Foods.

ConAgra foods has been directly involved in not one but two salmonella contamination recalls in the past 12 months. BOTH recalls were for NON-poultry products which were the result of cross contamination with salmonella.

Awhile back, after the recall of Peter Pan Peanut Butter (and) Banquet Pot Pies, I "researched" ConAgra foods, and found ConAgra had one of the poorest sanitation ratings of any one else in their industry. Conditions which have existed with little improvement for YEARS. And, ConAgra has the poorest overall performance to "cleaning up" after Numerous "recalls".

RE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ConAgra_Foods as the best example of a company policy that is less than acceptable for a provider of "Food"

It's a dirty rotten shame (pardon the play on words), that a class act Name like Orville Redenbacher would be associated with such a seemingly care-less manufacturer.

But, be that as it may,

I used to buy your popcorn -not anymore.
I used to buy your PeterPan -not anymore.
I used to buy your Banquet dinners and potpies -not anymore.

You have earned your membership to the Hall of Shame.
I intend to aggressively inform every one ELSE I can

        "Don't buy ConAgra"

Needless to repeat, but for emphasis,

I wont buy ANY product that is processed by ConAgra.

... and never will

best regards

Jim Springer