Hot news!

CODE300-32 release 3.0 is ready now and will be available for ALL customers as a free software update.

There is no limitation, even if the written warranty says 6 months free after purchasing date. In this special case ALL CODE300-32 users, even with the fairly old version 1.0, can request this actual update for free. 

Please contact us for your new CD. The shipment of the CD's will start now, users manual and online help are included as software on your CD.

News for all our professional customers:
For a long time it has been fairly quiet on our web pages, but not in our offices. 
We have been busy to get the new 32-bit WIN/NT® software version fixed,
and we are proud to announce it here!

One of the worlds most sophisticated data decoder analysers is now available, 
it continues our long experience with data decoders. 
The good old DOS decoder CODE3 was the begin of all, approx 15 years ago.


A small remark:
all these modes are not 'inpreparation', but available now, from stock......