Graphical Squelch 

The two audio recording modules do have a GRAPHICAL SQUELCH to enable automatic recording in perfection. After opening one of these two modules, you can use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON in the main form FFT to mark a start-stop frequency and amplitude block. After marking this field, a SQUELCH button becomes visible in the running audio module. Pressing this button activates the squelch 

In case the expected audio signal reaches the marked field in the FFT, the red record LED will show the record or pause activity. The audio file will not be closed while the squelch is active, but only recording is stopped, like PAUSE in main audio recording. 

If you need, it is possible to define a squelch level in this way that the recording starts only if the signal is included in the defined area. Press left mouse button in main form FFT display to define Squelch level and start stop gap frequency. 

All audio files will be saved automatically when the modules are closed without further intention. All file names are generated automatically and do include also the start time in their name. 

With a click of the mouse on the left or right led under the input level control you can toggle between left and right audio channel. This left- and right setting will control the actual FFT and decoding modules, but not the audio modules. In case stereo is chosen, both channels will be recorded always! In case of mono setting only one channel indeed.